Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Step Into The Unknown

Sometimes Backpedalers become a little adventurous and venture away from the familiar waggonways and bridlepaths. This adds a little spice to what could become another routine cycle ride.
The start of the route was straightforward - along the old railway line to Monkseaton Drive and on to Earsdon, Backworth and Killingworth. Instead of following Reiver's, a deviation towards Camperdown was taken. The roundabout at Annitsford had to be negotiated before cycling down the footpath into Seghill. From here, the Backpedalers went off piste. The track round Seghill Hall was the first challenge when it became obvious that long trousers would have been a better option than shorts given the abundance of brambles and stinging nettles. 
A brief stop to reinflate a softening tyre was needed before the rest of the route could be attempted.
The track towards Mares Close was next but instead of crossing the railway line, the group turned left to visit one of the areas less well known examples of public art.

Hadrian's Cyleway Photographs

Lots of photographs were taken over the three days of the Hadrian's Cycleway Challenge and these can be viewed on Seaton Sluice Backpedalers Facebook page. Visitors to this blog who do not have access to Facebook can now view the photographs on Photobucket by clicking on the following links:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

In addition, videos are available on YouTube

Day 1
Day 2

Day 3


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Presentation Evening

The Backpedalers got together in the Delaval Arms on Tuesday 17th June 2014 to hand over the sponsorship money raised by their Hadrian's Cycleway Challenge. 
Amanda Simmister was present to represent the Great North Air Ambulance Service and received a cheque for £5732.00.
This amount represents what has been collected so far. When Gift Aid has been claimed for some of the donations it is hoped that the grand total will be in excess of £6000.00. 

Backpedalers would like to thank all their friends and supporters for making it possible for them to raise this tremendous sum for a very deserving cause.

Cycle Challenge 2015
We're on a roll. Just when you thought it was safe to put the bike back in the shed, planning is underway for next year's event. The proposed route is the Coast and Castles Cycleway (travelling North to South - 187 miles) and the dates are 23rd - 25th May.

Monday, 9 June 2014

The Domino Effect

Another Sunday morning, another Sunday ride.

Six Backpedalers assembled outside The Delaval Arms on a warm June morning with the intention of heading north on the Coast to Castles cycle route. The weather forecast was for a fine morning with the risk of a shower in the afternoon.
The route, by now very familiar to the Backpedalers, took the group up to Blyth, Bedlington, Cambois and on to Woodhorn.
The journey through Lynemouth was uneventful and in stark contrast to the group's last visit. (See Wet and Windy). Likewise the journey from Lynemouth to Cresswell passed easily and the decision was made to end the outward journey at the Drift Cafe.

This turned out to be a good choice as no sooner had the Backpedalers been served their coffees and bacon sandwiches when a group of about twenty cyclists arrived and filled the remaining seats in the cafe. It turned out that they were a group based in Newcastle who called themselves the Old Gits Cycling Club. They were on the second day of, in their words, a bastardised version of the Coast and Castles cycle route and had called in to the Drift Cafe before heading home.
The Backpedalers finished their refreshments .....
...... then paused for a group photograph before heading home.
The return journey took place at a good pace and was uneventful apart from one remarkable event.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

A Sunday Morning Bimble

Sunday mornings are still the time set aside for a bike ride - 9.30 am meet at The Delaval Arms - and seven Backpedalers set off on what looked to be a promising day.
The aim was to have a pleasant, gentle ride in convivial company (known as a bimble) so the group started by heading south towards St Mary's Island and on to the promenade at Whitley Bay. A right turn at the Rendezvous Cafe led up Monkseaton Drive then on to the old railway line through Holywell Dene. Once The Avenue was reached, the group turned west, passed through Seaton Delaval then up to Mare's Close and round the north side of Seghill. The track past Jolley's led on to Fisher Road, Backworth Lane and a short stretch of the Reivers Route. From here, the group followed the waggonway through to Killingworth Village. 
The track down past Holystone School led on to a short on-road section until the turn into Rising Sun Country Park was reached.