Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Visit To Daft As A Brush

Three Backpedalers called in at the Gosforth Headquarters of Daft As A Brush Cancer Patient Care to discuss our decision to support the charity as part of our Cycle Challenge 2015.

Brian Burnie, the founder of the charity, was present and was keen to explain the importance of the work they do. We didn't need much convincing but it made us realise that we'd made the right choice when selecting them as the charity we'd raise funds for.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Famous Last Words

Everyone does it - say things they later regret - and we cyclists aren't immune. What is surprising is that the same people say the same thing over and over again and don't seem to learn from previous mistakes.
Weather conditions are never far from the mind of cyclists but we are used to going out for a ride in comditions which are less than ideal. If we waited for the perfect day we wouldn't get a lot of cycling done. One of our greatest bugbears is windy conditions.
How often have you heard someone say,
"The wind is against us now but it will be in our backs on the way home"?
Wrong! That's the perfect example of Famous Last Words. What is certain is that a headwind on the outer journey will become an even stronger headwind on the return journey. It's one of the laws of cycling. It doesn't matter whether it's northerly, southerly, westerley or easterley. Basically, all winds are againsterley as far as cyclists are concerned and as your ride progresses and you become more and more tired the wind in your face gets stronger and stronger.