Monday, 5 January 2015

Holywell Dene

This is a ten mile route beginning and ending at the Delaval Arms. It is mostly on cycle paths and bridleways but there is a short on-road section. There are no uphill or downhill sections and it is suitable for mountain bikes and hybrid bikes.
1. Leave the Delaval Arms and head down the hill past the caravan site. 

2. Follow the track which runs south past St Mary's Lighthouse, turn right onto the road and carry on up to the cycle path which runs along side The Links. Proceed along the cycle path.
3. Turn left off the cycle path and take the path down to the promenade. This turn is easy to miss. It is after the car park and just before the Briar Dene. It is signed.

4. Proceed along the promenade as far as the Rendezvous Cafe. Turn right as you pass the cafe through an arch which leads into the car park.
5. Continue up to the roundabout and go straight over onto Monkseaton Drive.
6. At the next roundabout carry straight on to continue up Monkseaton Drive.
7. Shortly after the roundabout you will reach Holywell Avenue (just before the pelican crossing) where you can leave the road and join the footpath.
8. Bear left after the bus stop to take the path down to the Avenue Waggonway. 
9. Turn right and pass through the underpass beneath Monkseaton Drive. Continue along the waggonway towards Holywell Dene.
10. Proceed along the waggonway towards the Avenue.
11. Take the cycle path which runs past Delaval Hall to the Fountain Head roundabout.
12. Turn right on the cycle path then cross the road just before the Melton Constable. 
13. Once over the bridge turn left onto Collywell Bay Road and continue to the Delaval Arms.