Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Some Final Thoughts


Seaton Sluice Backpedalers big event, the Kielder Kaper, is almost upon us. By now, hopefully, all riders have reached a peak of physical perfection in preparation for what will be a demanding three days of cycling.

Day 1 – Delaval Arms to Bellingham

We’ll be covering over 150 miles over 3 days so it is important that riders follow the correct route and don’t add any extra distance to the total. On Day 1 we we will be following Route 10 (Reivers) from the Delaval Arms to Bellingham.

At Backworth we will stay on the road until we pass the Killingworth turn and then take a sharp left onto the cycle track.

Sustrans have been busy putting up new signs so theoretically there shouldn’t be any problems.


In practice, it may not be that simple. Some of the signs are quite small and could be missed if riders are distracted and not concentrating. Remember – if you miss a turn you may end up doing extra miles and those extra miles are certain to involve going uphill.
Every time you reach a junction look out for the Route 10 sign to avoid making a mistake. When you reach Bellingham, stop!

Day 2 Bellingham to Kielder and back

Day 2 has the greatest potential for navigation errors. Maps will be provided but it is necessary for riders to carry the map with them and refer to it when necessary. We will be cycling around Kielder Water in an clockwise direction. That means that the very large body of water should always be visible on our right-hand side. The first part of the route around the lake is part of the Rievers Route and is signed. 


In addition we will be following the Lakeside Way South Shore as far as Kielder Castle.


At Kielder Castle we will leave the Lakeside Way and head for Deadwater to visit the Daft As A Brush Obelisk.


After we’ve eaten our cream cakes and had our photograph taken, we head back to Kielder Castle and pick up the Lakeside Way North Shore which will take us around Kielder Water to Kielder Dam. We then re-join Route 10 (Rievers) to make our way back to Bellingham.

Day 3 Bellingham to the Delaval Arms

Day 3 is the reverse of Day 1.