Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Fish Quay Round

This route takes in parts of the North Sea Cycle Route, Hadrian's Cycleway and the Reivers Regional Cycle Route 10. Most of the route is on cycle paths and bridleways but there are two short sections on road. There is one short but fairly steep ascent and the route is suitable for mountain bikes and hybrids. It begins and ends at the Delaval Arms. The total distance is about 18 miles.

1. Leave the Delaval Arms and head down the hill past the caravan site.

2. Follow the track which runs south past St Mary's Lighthouse, turn right onto the road and carry on up to the cycle path which runs along side The Links. Proceed along the cycle path.
3. Turn left off the cycle path and take the path down to the promenade. This turn is easy to miss. It is after the car park and just before the Briar Dene. It is signed.
4. Proceed along the promenade as far as the Rendezvous Cafe.
5. Just past the cafe turn right and take the uphill path past the skate park and turn left at the top.
6. Head towards the Spanish City and join the cycle path which takes you along Whitley Bay promenade.
7. Proceed along the cycle path towards Cullercoats.
8. Just before Cullercoats turn left into Windsor Crescent.
9. Continue into Norma Crescent and turn left after passing Cullercoats Bike & Kayak.
10. Proceed to Tynemouth and bear left at the Gibraltar Rock, past Tynemouth Priory and onto the promenade.
11. Continue to North Shields Fish Quay and join the road leading to the ferry landing.
12. Just before the ferry landing (outside the Porthole) turn right onto Borough Road.
13. Engage a low gear in preparation for a short, sharp climb.
14. About two-thirds of the way up the bank, take a sharp left onto a path leading into Addison Street.
15. Follow signs for Route 72 which will take you to North Shields Marina and the Royal Quays.
16. Just outside the Royal Quays watch out for signs for Route 10 (Reivers) and head north to Percy Main.
17. Once past Percy Main Metro Station cross the road to join the waggonway which will take you towards Shiremoor.
18. Proceed north along the waggonway to Shiremoor.
19. After crossing the road at The Blue Bell continue along the track until a junction is reached.
20. Follow the right fork and proceed to Earsdon.
21. Turn right towards West Monkseaton, then cross at the pedestrian crossing to join the cycle path down Monkseaton Drive.
22. Join the road near Whitley Bay High School and continue to the bottom of Monkseaton Drive.
23. Cross the roundabout and head towards the Rendezvous Cafe.
24. Proceed onto the promenade and turn left to rejoin the route towards the Delaval Arms.