Sunday, 8 February 2015

Ponteland 8th Feb 2015

After an overnight frost, the morning was cool and clear as a small group of Backpedalers set off towards Ponteland along the Reivers Route. The track was an interesting mix of ice and mud (and thorns) but not a problem for experienced cyclists. Weetslade Country Park was reached in good time.

Jan's Kitchen was the half-way point and a good number of other cyclists were enjoying what the menu had to offer. After that, it was time to retrace the morning route.
Shortly after leaving Ponteland the three thorns which had embedded themselves in Ian's front tyre decided to make their presence felt. Time for a change.

Whilst Ian busied himself with the puncture, the rest of the group stood around, occasionally offering words of encouragement and advice, but mostly discussing the merits of the England rugby team and their favourite choice of blackpudding. (The Backpedalers' favourite blackpudding, not the England rugby team's). The length of time Ian was taking to fix the puncture may have featured as well.
Once sorted, the group saddled up and headed home.