Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Raring To Go

Last night Backpedalers met in the Delaval Arms to get an update on Cycle Challenge 2015. Everything is going to plan with transport, accommodation and restaurants all booked. We have a sponsor for our cycling shirts and t-shirts have been supplied by Daft As A Brush.
Jean Ross and Brian Burnie of Daft As A Brush were present to meet the team and Brian took the opportunity to tell us a little more about the work and future plans of the charity he founded.

One Backpedaler posted on their Facebook page:
"Had a very inspirational meeting with the founder of daft as a brush ... Can safely say what a deserving charity to be doing the ride for."
It's fair to say that's how everyone at the meeting felt.

Meanwhile, fundraising at the Delaval Arms is ongoing thanks to generosity of one of our many supporters. Following the success of a raffle of a Ladies Hamper, which raised £100, another raffle is underway. This time it's a Manper.

It's a hamper packed with all the sorts of goodies every man desires. Cans of beer, manly fragrances and Yorkie bars are just some of delights it contains. Tickets are available behind the bar and cost £1 each and the draw will be made in time for Valentine's Day.