Saturday, 12 April 2014

Go West

Six Backpedalers turned out on Friday morning and were rewarded with bright, clear, but slightly chilly conditions.
The group set off along the old railway line towards Monkseaton Drive then rode through South Wellfield and Shiremoor before joining the Reivers Route at Backworth. Once through Backworth the route travels along a section of the Killingworth Waggonway and then on to the Burradon Waggonway which eventually leads to Weetslade Country Park.

The Country Park is on the site of what was Weetslade Colliery and one of its features is a hill which had previously been the Weetslade Colliery spoil heap.
Leaving the country park and following the Reivers Route, the next section passes by Wideopen and Seaton Burn before heading due west towards Ponteland. An interesting feature of the journey is the road which passes through Prestwick Carr. Subsidence has turned the mile long road into a test of the bike's suspension and the rider's saddle.
Once completed, it is a short trip into Ponteland and Jan's Kitchen.

The return journey took the group back to Backworth where there was a short stop to help a cyclist in distress. A young boy was by the side of the road with his bike chain hanging from the front derailleur. He didn't know where he was or how to get where he needed to be which turned out to be Blyth. His bike was fixed and he was given temporary membership of Seaton Sluice Backpedalers. He joined us as we rode into Backworth, down Fisher Road and along the track to Seghill. The remainder of the route went around Seghill then through Seaton Delaval and down the Avenue to Seaton Sluice where our temporary member was shown how to get to Blyth.

34 miles were completed at a decent pace and another step on the road to fitness for our Cycle Challenge 2014.

More photos can be found on our Facebook Page.